Research at the ISGR

Through interdisciplinarity, the relevant perspectives (e.g..: Medicine, Medical Ethics, Philosophy, Public Health, Health Economics, Medical Sociology and Health Policy) are enabled . The thusly broad range of research results provide scientific foundations for the transfer into practice. They are published in the "Bochumer Schriften zum Sozial- und Gesundheitsrecht" (Bochum Papers on Social and Health Law) by the Publisher "Nomos-Verlag" or in professional journals.

Central topics of the ISGR include

  • Public health system, socially equitable financing
  • Health equity, socially just distribution of health services.
  • Digitalization and health
  • Personal responsibility in health topics, prevention, nudging etc.
  • Quality assurance in the statutory health insurance and in the transplantation system
  • Public Health
  • Infektion protection law
  • Personalised medicine, Systems medicine
  • Genetic risk diagnostics, genetic diseases, risk-adapted prevention.
  • Reproductive medicine, pre-implantation diagnostics
  • Rationalization, rationing, prioritization
  • Cost-benefit analysis for medical services
  • Early benefit assessment of drugs, pricing