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Welcome to the Institute for Social and Health law

The Institute for Social and Health Law (from German: Institut für Sozial und Gesundheitsrecht, ISGR) has existed since 1968 and is an academic institution of the Faculty of Law at the Ruhr Universität Bochum. Its managing director is Prof. Dr. Stefan Huster, who also holds the Chair of Public Law, Social and Health Law and Legal Philosophy. There is a close cooperation between the ISGR and the chair of Public Law, Social and Health Law and Legal Philosophy.

Ressearch projects of the ISGR
The ISGR serves research in public health law and in the law of statutory health insurance, with a special concern to analyze current and socially pressing health issues in an intra- and interdisciplinary manner.

Results, Publications
 Interdisciplinarity carries relevant perspectives (e.g. medicine, medical ethics, philosophy, public health, health economics, medical sociology and health policy)  into research results (at an early stage). The thusly broad research results provide scientific foundations for the transfer to practice.

The ISGR operates the so-called Nikolaus database. It is used to evaluate the available social court decisions that were issued on the basis of the so-called Nikolaus decision of the German federal constitutional Court (Bundesverfassungsgericht, BVerfG) BVerfG (6.12.2005, Ref.: 1 BVR 347/98) and which concretize and further develop this decision.
Professor Dr. Huster and staff members of the ISGR foundet the scientific platform - the first blog focused on the issues of health and medical law which is available for legal discussions of current and fundamental issues of health and medical law (taking into account ethical, medical and economic aspects).

TheISGR is involved in event series such as "Bochumer Symposium für Gesundheitsrecht" (Bochum Symposia on Hospital Law)  as well as „Berliner Gesprächen zum Gesundheitswesen“  (Berlin Talks on Healthcare). More events in the ressearch Areas of the ISGR take place accordingly.


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